In 2012 Jeremy Wernick, a 4th grader, shaved his head for the second time to raise money for childhood cancer research. It really got him thinking about kids who lose their hair during cancer treatments. So he created Hatsgiving. The first official collection was held in 2013. Each year, Hatsgiving continues to grow thanks to all of the wonderful, warm hats that are so graciously donated.

All of the hats collected are sent to pediatric cancer treatment centers. Since 2013, Hatsgiving has distributed hats to 47 treatment centers in 38 states plus Washington DC. Our hats will go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Any remaining will be sent to treatment centers across the country that need them most.

In 2019, FM106.1 had a goal of 106 hats and collected over 800!

Want to be a part of this feel good campaign? Contact your iHeartMedia Milwaukee Account Rep or email nataliedipietro@iheartmedia.com

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