“Why I’m Voting”

There is no doubt this year’s election will be a critical moment for our nation in the face of so many unprecedented challenges at the national, state and local level.   The decisions voters make on November 3rd will impact our nation for the next generation.  Local Governors, Mayors and council members plus, 35 Senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and the Office of the President are all being contested. 

The good news is consumers are more engaged and passionate than ever.  They want to be heard.  And the best way to be heard is help motivate Americans to vote this year.  Whatever your beliefs, voting this year is a MUST.  That is why iHeartMedia wants to team up with you to encourage everyone to exercise their civic duty and VOTE this year.

Kicking off in September, iHeartMedia, the largest media company in America, will present “Why I  Vote”: The Countdown to Election Day 2020,” a massive multi-platform celebration and conversation among the biggest names in culture and real Americans sharing their motivations and passion for why they are voting as we count down to November 3rd. The program is anchored by a 15-episode, weekly podcast called Why I Vote where we give the mic to the most interesting and influential voices of our time to hear about their motivations about voting. Many artists and celebrities have already been announced as participants.

We are also going to turn the mic over to listeners in every city in America to share their thoughts and motivations and be a part of the chorus of voices for this important cultural moment. Through Why I Vote we get to recognize the power of our own communities and consumers as part of this powerful platform. So, we are looking for a few key partners to help us capture, elevate and celebrate the voices, hopes and dreams of real people in our communities. 

 Your business can be involved with local on-air promotions to drive consumers online to a branded destination.  Where we’ll capture stories, which will be turned into authentic spots featuring “Why I Vote in Wisconsin”

This program is going to be big. If you want a brand safe way to engage in the most compelling and important topic of the season, then iHeartRadio’s Why I Vote is the platform for you.  

We are putting the full power and scale of the entire iHeartMedia ecosystem behind this important program and we’d love to discuss how we can co-create and collaborate to ensure your brand can be part of an important and powerful platform to excite and motivate voters in this critical election year.

Contact us and find out how to become involved.

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