Christmas Is Coming.

Is your business ready? The calendar has officially flipped to October which should mean pumpkins, flannels, pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, and more pumpkin. While consumers are embracing fall, we have to be three steps ahead and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year.

Here at iHeartMedia our elves at 95.7 Big FM are hard at work preparing for the launch of Milwaukee’s Christmas Music Station. 95.7 Big FM is Milwaukee’s soundtrack for the entire Christmas season.

Every year iHeartMedia changes the format of a station in each market to all Christmas Music. Consumers LOVE Christmas music, each year listening spikes by 96% while TV Ratings actually go down. 


Why? That is a great question! Grab some hot chocolate (you can add some Bailey’s, we won’t tell) and let us explain. People are on the go all season long so naturally audio consumption increases. Christmas music is thread that binds all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t try to sing like Mariah Carey to “All I Want For Christmas?” Okay maybe that is just around our office. Christmas music stations provide listeners with a one-of-kind, “feel good” environment. Why wouldn’t you want your brand aligned with all the positive attitudes that Christmas brings?

Think about how much time you spend in your car during the holiday season (listening to all your favorite Christmas songs on 95.7 BIG FM) between finding the perfect gift for someone, doing last second grocery shopping for the holiday party, or just driving to spend time with some of your favorite people. Consumers are on the go all season long. Radio is the closest you will be to your consumers’ point of purchase all season long.


While you are busy singing along to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” so is everyone else. Just take a look at how much 95.7 BIG FM’s audience grows during the holiday season:


Christmas Music is something that people come back to every year. By connecting your brand with the key Christmas Music Station in multiple you will see a return on investment:


A recent article in Inside Radio stated: Deloitte estimates holiday sales will exceed $1.1 trillion during the November–January timeframe. And e-commerce sales will drive the way, with projections that online sales will increase another 14-18% this holiday season. That’s on top of the 11% growth rate seen a year ago.

Now that you have finished your hot chocolate and have successfully put yourself in the Christmas spirit, we hope you will join us at 95.7 BIG FM as we celebrate the best time of the year in the biggest way possible. We want to create a unique Christmas idea for your brand to make an impact in the market this season.

So go ahead, throw that first batch of Christmas Cookies in the oven, hang your stockings up, and contact your iHeartMedia Account Executive today to learn more about how 95.7 BIG FM, Milwaukee’s Christmas Music Station can help your business shine just like a star on-top the tree this Holiday Season!